NACHMO Showcase: Come view the works!

NACHMO Showcase: Come view the works!

From guest blogger, Basin Dance Collective Dancer, Paige Barnett

Finally! The time has come!! Basin Arts will be hosting a viewing of works-in-progress by NACHMO Lafayette participants that you don’t want to miss. January proved to be a month of blood, sweat, and tears…but we all have something to show from it, and now we can move on (I guess)…

JUST KIDDING! January was AMAZING! I don’t think any of us could have imagined how beneficial, inspiring, and rewarding this month would be. Let’s break it down in this sing-a-long 🙂

ONE dancer laced up her pointe shoes for the first time in years.

TWO new choreographers worked together and created a piece completely out of their comfort zone.

THREE university students propelled their individual works for the Spring.

FOUR different art disciplines collaborated and made a short film.

FIVE Basin Dance Collective company members danced together for the first time.

SIX dancers were featured in a music video.

Alright…if this wasn’t a creative and productive month, then I don’t know what is! So many new relationships between artists were formed and so many ideas came to fruition. It’s crazy what a deadline and a supportive community can result in. If you are interested in seeing what a short month and a whole lot of heart can produce, come to this showcase! NACHMO has been the fuel to our fire…exactly the thing that pushes dancers and artists to jump into exposing our artistic expressions. And for that, we say….


*Nicole Curtis is the highlighted artist in our video interview. She is a Lafayette native and a recent graduate of the University of Louisiana-Lafayette’s Dance Program. While at the University, Nicole choreographed works for An Evening of Dance. Nicole works as a dance instructor in various styles, and she enjoys teaching students of all ages. She was also a part of The Emerging Artist’s Mentorship at Basin Arts where she collaborated with three visual artists to create the exhibit “Is This What You Were Expecting?” for the January 2018 ArtWalk.