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Clare Cook spent ten years dancing and choreographing in New York City, and after being back in Acadiana for the past year, Cook is now sharing her dance knowledge with the public. The opening of the local arts container will not only fulfill the need for Clare Cook Theater to have a physical location, but will be a way for Cook to offer dance training to adults in Acadiana. As a way to introduce the community to the center, all the classes offered this week are free and open to the public. Cook feels like the center will fill in a gap that currently exists in Acadiana’s arts scene.

“There are a lot of dance schools and training for kids through high school, but the question is why should that have to stop just because they’re 18,” said Cook. “I wanted the center to be a place for adult dancers to continue their training and stay active and artistic.”


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Basin Arts Offers Classes that Engage Mind and Body

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