Alyce Morgan

Teaching Artists

Alyce Morgan is the owner of Embody Zest; a movement studio offering Franklin Method, Pilates, and Mov Nat in Lafayette, LA . Alyce is a PMA certified Pilates trainer and has been teaching Pilates since 1995, her previous studio Wise Body was a certifying studio from 2000-2010 with PhysicalMind Institute. She has been an ACE personal trainer, a professional Modern and West African Dancer, and has also trained in Qigong and Gyrotonics. Alyce’s love for natural healthy movement has taken her down the more “barefoot paths” and in her search for the best ways to train the body she discovered the Franklin Method. The Franklin Method uses imagery, movement and experiential anatomy to create positive change in one’s body, posture and thoughts. Because the focus is on the design of the body it can help anyone in any discipline from yoga to running to weight-lifting to dancing. Alyce began teaching Franklin Method in 2011 and is now a part of a Faculty Apprenticeship with Eric Franklin.