Behind this Wall Called Skin

Cory St.Ewart

Behind this Wall Called Skin is a show of paintings, installation and video projection by Cory St.Ewart. These works on opening night will be paired with a performance of ambient and instrumental music by Native Skyline. The visual art from this show is created in direct response to the musical themes from Native Skyline and the two art forms are intended to be experienced in direct proximity to each other.

Cory St.Ewart is an artist who has graduated from The University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a Bachelor’s in Digital and New Media . In this work he used painting, installation and video projection as a means of presenting text he usually reserves for his diary. In presenting these thoughts and writings to the public he seeks a means of finding true vulnerability within himself. St.Ewart believes nudity no longer produces the vulnerability that steams from nakedness, but rather the reveal of inner turmoil, thoughts and personal history.

Native Skyline is an instrumental ambient/post-rock solo project that is currently based out of Lafayette, Louisiana. Native Skyline made its debut in 2016 with the release of its self-titled EP, and in June of 2018 released its sophomore EP titled “Despite Time”.