Contemporary Geographies

Matt Bell, Debbie Fleming Caffery, Josh Coen & Lynda Frese

Contemporary Geographies brings together the work of artists Matt Bell,
Debbie Fleming Caffery, Josh Coen, and Lynda Frese. Whether through
traditional or non-traditional approaches to photography, these works
create a dialogue on the tactile quality of image making. It is in their
aptitude and the ability to transcend the limits of their medium that
Contemporary Geographies finds a center. A favorite moment of shared
creation between all to notice; a thumbprint set on one image, dirt
precariously holding to glass on another, within an image grains of cut
cane and smoke, in another the glimmer of metal leaf as water.

Thematically these pieces explore various notions of contemporary place
and identity as well as the reflexive nature between the two. In Josh
Coen’s work there is an acknowledgement of the fluidity and contrast
between the body and its environment. For Coen, skin and sky, foot and
grass are meditations on the LGBTQ community and the relation of their
bodies to the space they occupy. Lynda Frese offers us works here of
earth, the River Ganges and the attendant sparkle of rain. They are at
times an elegy to a lovely and now divine companion and at others
saintly perpetual bliss. They are works that fold into the constellation
Sirius and delicate forests on the edge of night. In the work of Matt Bell
one discovers far-away landscapes within intimate moments and a
dance of light across a gelatin silver surface. Debbie Fleming Caffery’s
keen eye captures something of the unexplainable nature of life’s grand
arc: the quiet moments we discover them in and the hush between the
“When words become unclear I shall focus with photographs. When
images become inadequate I shall be content with silence.” Ansel Adams