Feel Good Souvenirs

Dayna Haynie

Feel Good Souvenirs is an attempt to understand the changing notion of “Home”. Lafayette, New York City, the Bronx, and Key West are all places of personal connection to artist Dayna Haynie. In her life, these locations are places of residence or alternatively represent fantastical dreams of places never visited but known intensely just the same. Key West is a place of family heritage for Dayna; its rich textures, colors, smells and tactile qualities take center stage within her playful installation.

Haynie crafts a space that folds the privacy of home with the outward expression of the self through contemporary forms like Nail Art, Social Media Platforms, Glittery and Shiny surfaces recalling Costume Jewelry and the Theatre. Of particular interest within this show are stories of the past and how they are handed down through photographs, crafts and letters. These artifacts become the creative material of a new narrative for future generations. Impermanent materials- sand, nail polish, plants represent memories in constant flux and reinvention and the ephemeral duality between life and death. Our connection to others through kindness, support and tender care form the core of this show. They are felt notions presented abstractly through the warmth of fabrics, the sturdiness of dark wood antiques, and the celebratory glee of color.