How To Rent A Room

Jacob Broussard

The painting genre known as trompe l’oeil (trick of the
eye) depicts highly personal objects of sentimentally.
The letter-rack which held notes, cards, and other
mementos, was a highly personal subject for a
painting that served as a complex portrait of a patron.
I am interested in the idea of creating systems that
self-generate labor. Through an informed naïve
system of processes, I address the place where one
creates agency – the action office, or more commonly
known as the cubicle – and the boredom of killing
time that comes along with it. By sourcing multiple
spaces of labor (my father’s workshop, an old office
that is currently no longer in operation, a studio), there
is an attempt to create an idiosyncratic place where
painting, sculpture, and architecture can exist and
lead into one another. By recreating the trompe l’oeil
in real time through means of craft, performance,
sculpture, and painting, I attempt to find a place for
the personal in the public workplace. What is the
measuring scale for work/working? How do we think
about nobility in our labor? How much of ourselves do
we allow into this activity? And can the sentimental
access viable information that we normally would not
have access to?
As a rule, everything needed to make the installation
is included in the installation. This space is treated as
a tool to work on a problem that is currently unknown.