Kiki Russo

Resident Artist

Kiki Russo was born in 1995 right here in Lafayette, LA and has been raised here her entire life. From the age of 6 years old, Kiki was trained as a classical violinist. Her entire life revolved around music and she had every intention of going to college for orchestra. When she was 16, she discovered that she had nerve damage in both of her arms and would never play violin again. Yearning for a creative output, she purchased her first canvas and decided to try painting. After that moment she realized her new passion: art.
Since the age of 18, Kiki has flourished as a self-taught artist. She has been featured in art shows, Second Saturday Artwalk, and had taught as an art instructor in several businesses. Kiki uses her studio at Basin Arts to work on both her personal and commissioned artwork. Her work is inspired by hope and childlike wonder.
Kiki says, “Art has been and will always be my light at the end of the tunnel. If I can make others feel the amount of joy art has brought me through my work, I know I’ve done my job right.”