Sideways Hot Tub

Jacob Broussard

Sideways Hot Tub is an exploration in
examining the activity of viewership and the
labor to looking.
I am interested in how paintings can function
as active vessels or containers for ideas. Using
this form as a starting point, I attempt to treat
image as object, windows that require active
looking. These works focus on various objects
that have been altered – an unofficial recall of
their function. How can a painting unweave
itself/what does that look like? Can an
abandoned pool sit between being an object
and a locale? How does a broken window look
back at its viewer? Newly acquired functions of
this nonfunctional objects reclaim a sense of
agency, questioning what it means to be a
In an attempt to investigate the action of
representing something, or ‘re-presenting’, these
works examine ideas surrounding genre painting
– still life, plein air landscape, portraiture – through
a translation of sight into paint.

Jacob Broussard is a Lafayette, LA native. He
received his BFA in Painting from the
University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 2014
and attended the Virginia Commonwealth
University Summer Studio Program in 2015.
He has exhibited his work nationally. He has
been an Artist-In-Residence at the The
Vermont Studio Center, The Art Students
League of New York at Vyt, the Atlantic Center
for the Arts and more. In the Fall of 2017,
Broussard will be an MFA Candidate at the
Yale School of Art in New Haven, CT.