Brittney Pelloquin

I am fusing my signature medium of the body as
an active creative surface to forge relationships
between painting, sound, and movement. This
activated experience is one based in cross-
discipline exchange, allowing new points of access
for the painter as well as the viewer. Surface, a
word with multiple definitions. Often times we have
a very surfaced point of view on objects, people or
even life. It can be a physical object or it can be
something beyond tangibility. As a visual artist
working directly with the human figure, I am forced
to look beyond the surface of which my eyes can
see. My canvas now has a voice, feelings and
emotion in which I must pay close attention to, in
turn making me pay close attention to my
own. What then sits above the surface? What lies
below it? More importantly, what do we consider to
be the surface? What is it that begins to move
about deep within as your focus travels beyond
the physicality of which you see and into a space
where emotion and feeling create their own
language, in which you then become the