Surviving the Anthropocene

Ben Guidry

Taking from artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat, Georg Baselitz, and Keith
Haring, Benjamin Guidry employs expressive paint strokes coinciding with
illustrative shapes and figures. His practice tends to highlight unifying and
divisive characteristics found in society through racial prejudices, partisan
politics, organized religions, and human-environment interaction. The term
“culture marks” can be used in reference to the seas of gestural and
graphic lines which reverberate within his work. Frustrated by modern
bombardments of political and social ignorance, Guidry’s pieces convey
existential confusion with symbols of naivety and aggression.
Benjamin Guidry is a visual artist and musician who uses painting,
drawing, film, performance, hip-hop, and punk rock to convey
disillusionment and the polarization of populist movements.

Surviving the Anthropocene is an exhibition of new works by Benjamin
Guidry exploring the brief existence of humanity in relation to the long
geological history of the earth.
Here below is a statement by Guidry on these new pieces;
“Primarily, my work is made from recycled material, mixed media, and
ephemeral objects. I often employ gestural marks and vibrant colors to
convey frustrated naivety, political/social ignorance, and cultural
representation within societies. Lately my work has been concerned with
existential crises and their trivial role in our polarized humanity.”