T.E.A.M: Is this what you were expecting?

Nicole Curtis, Erin Gray, Benjamin Guidry & Christopher Issacs

Is this what you were expecting? is an exhibition centered on questioning the dissonance between “the artist” and the conceptual framework of “the gallery.” Artists Nicole Curtis, Erin Gray, Benjamin Guidry and Christopher Isaacs have created an experience within the gallery that plays with the expectations and limitations of traditional art experiences. In certain works the idea of authorship and the role of the individual is contrasted with concepts of group and collaboration. Certain works question the traditionally accepted idea of “finish” and others extend that completion into the timeframe of the exhibition.

There is a sense of the collective that moves this exhibition forward. The visual rhythm and flow of various pieces, the viewers’ movement and those of the performers through this installation are key components that could not exist without the participation of all. Achieved here is the artists’ self-imposed goal of breaking the barriers and restrictions implied by traditional gallery etiquette and their desire to create a wondrous and enjoyable environment for the viewer.