The Water is Near

Karen deClouet

The Water is Near represents the current state of deClouet’s work as it has evolved following her return to Louisiana. After living in the desert southwest for five years she has developed a new perspective on the subtropical climate of her home state. The presence of water as a dominant feature of Louisiana’s landscape is reinforced by the complex drainage systems of bayous and basins, the winds coming off of the gulf coast, and the heavy summer downpours which get stronger and stronger every year.   All of these traits pose a stark contrast to the landlocked, dry climate of Southern Arizona. In this body of work, water is explored through texture, while the nuances of endless color, found in the desert, are imprinted throughout each piece. Abstracted architectural shapes interrupt and divide the landscape proposing a new space where the influences of both climates combine.

Karen deClouet is a Louisiana based artist. Her work centers on creating new spaces through experimental painting techniques and habitual mark making. She received her BFA from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and her MFA from the University of Arizona. Karen has taught several drawing and design courses as both a graduate student and an adjunct faculty member within the Visual Art Department of University of Arizona and Pima Community College in Tucson, Arizona. Karen has shown work extensively throughout the United States since 2011. Her work has also been published in both New American Paintings and Studio Visit Magazine. She has given artist talks about her work to both her students and the public, at venues such as The Tucson Museum of Art and the 2013 Ethno History Conference. Her work is mainly influenced by the landscapes she has lived in or the landscapes her father has studied as a geologist. The combination of these experiences and her never-ending quest to create a new space from nontraditional forms of painting and drawing are the basis of her imagery.