Wake / Awaken

Dee Dee Lantzy

I have always longed to express myself with
paint to canvas. However, anytime I
attempted, things never seen to turn out the
way I had envisioned. This body of work is the
celebration of a series of events that have
unfolded to an inner awakening. I trust my own
intuition. I listen for what colors to use, what
movements to make, and most importantly,
when to stop and leave space for the work to
breathe. I have awakened a deep listening
and respect towards my intuition. I challenge
the viewer to do the same, questioning what is
it that demands to be awakened within the

Dee Dee Lantzy has been practicing art of
some form all her life. She graduated from
LSU with a BA in Landscape Architecture. She
was an integral part of the design team for both
The Mondrian Hotel and The Flamingo on
Miami Beach. She also designed large scale
residential projects on Long Island, NY, and
many other commercial and residential projects
throughout the country. Most recently she has
found the medium of resin and mixed media on
wood and canvas to express herself. She is
inspired by nature, from a sunset to rock
formations, water crystals to bird feathers.
When she is not making art she is playing and
enjoying life with her husband and two little