Dirk Guidry was raised in the small bayou town of Galliano, Louisiana and attended the University of Louisiana at Lafayette receiving his bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in Painting. He is known for his large scale abstract works and also paints portraits, landscapes, live events, and murals. His works are on display in various locations throughout Lafayette and Louisiana. Dirk is also a resident artist at Basin Arts where he spends his days in the studio painting.

Get to know more about his work and his creative practice…


Who are you? What do you do?

Born in 1987, I was raised in the small bayou town of Galliano, Louisiana. In 2005, I moved away to attend the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. The art program helped further my skills as well as develop my own unique style. In the spring of 2012, I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in Painting.

Currently, I am a working artist here in Lafayette. Aside from my large scale abstract works, I try to utilize my talents by also painting portraits, commissions, live events, and murals.

What are you working on now?

With a number of shows and festivals on my schedule, I am producing a new body of work that is focusing more on my Isolated Series. Another project that I am excited about is that I will be doing a sculpture series in the near future.

Why Basin Arts?

When I heard about what Basin Arts was creating here, I knew that I needed to be a part of it. The timing was perfect for me to relocate here and am so grateful that I did. Basin Arts has an energy within it that just radiates with creativity. I know that I am in great company here and looking forward to how far we will grow together.

What feeds your creative practice?

Nature and the female form have always been the major influences in my work. Traveling and seeing different locations has played an important role in my creative process too. Ever since I moved into Basin Arts, I have also noticed that there has been a correlation between the movement of the dancers to the brushworks in my paintings.

When do you feel most in your element?

The works that I enjoy the most has to be my larger, eight foot pieces. After I have put down a good amount of paint and created some nice brushstrokes, I like to find myself standing back from the piece with a few different wet brushes in one hand, the other somehow in my pocket, as one of my favorite songs makes it to the bridge.

Where can we find you next?

Aside from the upcoming shows, I am in the process of creating a presence in other cities in Louisiana. From there I hope that the branching out continues into other states and so on. There will always be some form of my art found in Lafayette though.

What are you reading currently?

Rick Steves has taken most of my reading time since I am about to travel to Europe. When I return though, I am looking forward to finishing “De Kooning, A Retrospective” and “Living and Sustaining a Creative Life, Essays by 40 Working Artists”.

Check out Dirk Guidry’s website for even more info about his work, upcoming shows, and commissioning information.