Calling local artists of all mediums!

Artists living and working in Southern Louisiana often contend with the region’s beautiful landscape and rich culture that is starkly contrasted by a violent, racist past and environmental hardships. Basin Arts is looking for works to contribute to a group exhibition relating to the examination of Southern identity, contending with the unstable nature of this region’s environment, and of reflections on Creole and French histories. Artists may submit up to two works, and any medium is encouraged. This exhibition will open on January 14th and stay up for the remainder of the month.

Submissions are due by 11:59pm CST December 1, 2022


November 10th & December 8th

Crit Night invites a selection of artists from all mediums and disciplines to share what they are currently working on to receive thoughts and feedback from peers. This monthly gathering builds a stronger, more diverse and visible artist community and also exposes the variety and depth of talent among us. Come prepared to listen, share and learn from one another. Each month features three artists and one guest critic from the broader arts community.

Submit your work to be a featured artist!