Youth Dance Classes

The Basin Arts Youth Dance Program is not your traditional dance studio. Our in-house Creative Movement program designed for students ages 3-9 is an intimate and invigorating start to your child’s dance education. Each class focuses on introducing ballet fundamentals, modern dance principles, and personal expression through movement. We provide a wonderful foundation for your child’s dance education while also providing guidance on how and where your child can progress through dance based on their unique skills and interests. Basin Arts immerses our youngest movers into the heart of the professional dance and visual arts community and leaves them inspired for years to come!

Creative Movement Classes

  • Creative Movement Level I | Ages 3 & 4 | Wednesday 4:15-5:00PM

    Level One is your child’s first foray into a formal dance class after many hours of impressive living room dance moves! This class creates a safe and engaging environment for students to begin exploring their world through dance with just the right mix of structure and improvisation.

  • Creative Movement Level II | Ages 4 & 5 | Thursday 4:15-5:00PM

    Level Two progresses young dancers by introducing more dance vocabulary and class structure, while continuing to foster their unique creative spirits with dance improvisation and choreography skill building.

  • Creative Movement Level III | Ages 5 & 6 | Thursday 5:05-6:05PM

    Level Three takes a deeper dive into rhythm with the addition of tap dance as part of the curriculum! Dancers will learn more dynamic dance vocabulary, advance their understanding of spatial awareness, and increase their musicality with more choreographic challenges.

  • Modern Movers Level I | Ages 7-9 | Wednesday 5:05-6:05 PM

    Modern Movers is Basin Arts’ signature youth dance curriculum teaching modern dance techniques along with age-appropriate improvisation and dance composition skill building. Dance history and real world contemporary dance dialogues are interwoven into each class to provide learning that feels educational, contextual, and inspires each student to seek out more information about dance overall.  Our Level One Modern Movers class at Basin Arts is geared towards young dancers that are curious movers seeking a class to learn the form, function, and empowering freedom of expression that only modern dance can provide! If you’ve been looking for a class that teaches your child how to move big, gain confidence, and create their own dances, this is IT.