Visual Arts Classes

Beginner Drawing Class with Dirk Guidry
Monday’s 6:00-8:00pm
4-week Session: January 8th – 29th, 2018

Join Dirk Guidry for Beginner Drawing Class! You’ll learn the Basic Elements and Principles of Art through drawing exercises aimed to provide a great foundation to art making of all disciplines. You don’t need to know how to draw to take this class and it can also be a fun refresher course for those that have stepped away from their sketchbook for a little while. All you need to bring is a 9×12 sketchbook. All other supplies are included. 


Beginner Painting Class with Dirk Guidry
Tuesday’s 10:00-12:00pm
4-week Session: January 9
th – 30th, 2018
$180 (supplies included)

Dirk Guidry will guide you through a four-week process to learn the basics about painting with acrylic paints. In these sessions, you will learn application techniques with different tools and how to understand and use color. The Basic Elements and Principles of Art will be shared through painting exercises and you will get to select the subject matter of what you’d like to paint in the second half of the course.


Solvent-Free Basic Oil Painting with Jaik Faulk
Tuesday’s 6:00-8:00pm
4-week Session: January 16
th – February 6th, 2018
$180 (supplies included)

For hundreds of years, painting in oil has been the primary medium of choice amongst artists throughout the world. Traditional solvents used to clean brushes and equipment create a nauseous air quality in the studio as well as waste unfriendly to our environment. This drawback is a common hindrance to artists wanting to learn the techniques of this lovely art form. We will avoid all usage of such chemicals and instead focus on learning to mix oil paint with natural linseed oil as the primary vehicle.

This class is a four-week introduction to painting using oil colors in a solvent-free environment. We will cover basic color mixing, paint application and specialized techniques without the use of mineral spirits or turpentine. Students can look forward to: learning how to paint from observation in a still life format, composing a landscape image and working through abstracted compositions. If you’ve had the “en vie” to learn how to paint in oils this is a perfect introduction to the medium. Students will establish a base of solid fundamentals on which future artistic development can be built.

Though helpful — No prior painting or drawing experience is needed.