AMBUSH!! Reve Coffee and The GreenRoom

AMBUSH!! Reve Coffee and The Green Room

Basin Arts AMBUSH! We’ve been flowing out into the streets of Downtown Lafayette all summer long and popping up when you least expect it and in the most surprising ways.

For our fourth AMBUSH!! we started at Reve Coffee and danced our way down the street to The Green Room.

Ambush #4 started at Reve and made it’s way down Jefferson St to The GreenRoom. Two strangers, Coffee Girl and Java Boy, outside of a coffee shop going through the motions of everyday life. Blankly staring into their computers, emptying their mugs, refill after refill. After  hours upon hours of caffeine-fueled focus, Coffee Girl catches Java Boy’s eye. He has grown tired of the tedium that single life entails, and longs for some human connection. Distracted from his studies, the mere sight of Coffee Girl has turned his world upside down. Dancing his heart out right in front of her he fails to gain her attention, not even so much as a bat of the eye. Feeling desperate, Java Boy moseys his way through the shop seeking the one thing he knows he has in common with Coffee Girl. With one small gesture he exits the scene leaving Coffee Girl alone to her work with a top off of her mug. Noticing her fresh cup, Coffee Girl saunters away from her work, torn between her love for coffee and the search for companionship. She frolics around frantically deliberating between staying focused on the monotony or chasing whimsy. Does she she entertain her heart or follow her brain and stay focused on the task at hand?

Visual Artists: Benjamin Koch

Dancers: Sydni Bourg and John Henry McCardell

Check out this gallery of beautiful photos by the amazing @GenerationGreta.

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