Congrats to BARE Walls

Congrats to Team BARE Walls led by Dirk Guidry Art for receiving funding at 24hourcitizenproject !! BARE Walls is a new art subscription program through Basin Arts connecting local artists with local businesses to create more beautiful and awesome workspaces while simultaneously fueling the creative economy in our area! Win Win for everyone and #nobarewalls for Acadiana! Congrats to all of the projects. We love that so many of the funded projects this year are arts-based initiatives! Thank you 24 hour citizen project for another great year of community engagement and investment! We look forward to the project and how it is going to transform how art functions in our community!

The 24 Hour Citizen Project connects citizens who have ideas for the community with the expertise and financial backers to make it happen. Dirk Guidry is leading Team BARE Walls!

BARE Walls is a project created BY artists FOR artists (and businesses)! This idea will turn bare business walls into gallery space through a monthly subscription service. An affordable way to support local artists while gaining a more beautiful and inspiring work-space. Funding raised at the 24Hour Citizen Project will go towards the launch of this awesome new platform!

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