Basin Arts has a few new family members!

In our third year here at Basin Arts, we have rearranged our artists spaces because one of our resident artists was starting to grow a bit too large for his space, lost one artists to her new mom duties, but we have added some new faces to the ever growing #containerforcreativity!

Get to know these new artists and their work.

First up we have Cory Stewart, he is a portrait painter, comedy writer, and film director. He enjoys doing most of his paintings on panes of glass! You can check an instillation by Corey in our Gallery starting November 10th, 2018.

Next up we have Alex Vidos, bringing some fierce girl energy into our studio workspace. Alex is local of Lafayette, She is a visual artist concentrating in painting and mixed media design. Her focus is centered on the process of creating, using a collaborative of different techniques like mark-making, ink washing, collage, and layering of paint to create her vision. Alex is taking this time to experiment with different ideas and media while studying Visual Arts at ULL.

And last but certainly not least, Mr. Marc T. Wise is a painter and writer. His visual work has appeared in exhibitions in California and Utah. His writing has been published in The Denver Quarterly, Los Angeles Review, Sleepingfish, and elsewhere. He holds degrees from Union College (NY) and the University of California Davis, and is currently an MFA candidate at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

You can check out Marc’s exhibition, midway currently hanging in our Gallery. Come catch a glimpse of his works tonight during our monthly critique night, or come through Basin Arts this Saturday during 2ndSaturdayArtWalk from 6:00-9:00pm for the official opening of midway.