Never tapped but always wanted to? Tapped in the past and wanna brush up and learn more? Join Emma Young for TAP BASICS! The class will focus on fun, rhythmic footwork, basic technique, and have a great time dancing to LIVE MUSIC from Linzay Young.


About Emma Young
Emma Young was born into a life of music and dance. Traveling from birth ’til the age of twenty-two with her parents’ company, Rhythm in Shoes, Emma was performing at music festivals and concert venues across the United States by the age of 8. Her formal training began with Irish Step Dancing with Richens & Timm Academy in Dayton, Ohio, followed by classical ballet at Pontecorvo studios, also in Dayton, but it’s the tap and clogging that she learned from her mother, Sharon Leahy, that was her true love. Emma’s musical journey took off when her dad determined that a banjo was just the thing for her eighteenth birthday. Her love for rhythm also led her to pick up the bass, while her instinct for harmony got her singing. Fast forward ten years and Emma and her husband, Linzay, are living on the Cajun prairie with their daughter, Édith, where they garden, raise chickens and continue to play and sing the music they hold dear. Emma recently graduated from LSU Eunice in Nursing, and will be working in the ER, but is looking forward for having a little more time for dancing now.

Check out Emma tapping!

Wednesday’s 6:00-7:00pm

Meets June 7, 14, 21, 28
if interests grows we may continue into July!
Open to ages 16+

$55 / 4-class card to sign up for the full series (recommended!)

You can pay by the class:
$15 Single Class

Or get our Summer Special:
$100/ unlimited classes in June & July and take Tap Class along with all of the other Basin Arts dance and fitness class offerings.

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