AMBUSH!! Central Pizza & Bar

AMBUSH!! Central Pizza & Bar

Introducing Basin Arts AMBUSH! We’re flowing out into the streets of Downtown Lafayette all summer long and popping up when you least expect it and in the most surprising ways.

Our first ever AMBUSH!! Took place right outside of CENTRAL Pizza & Bar… some painting… a little Tap dancing… and a pizza crust sword fight?? 

Whitney Hebert, Tori Vincent, and Dirk Guidry did an amazing job bringing together tap dancing, visual art, and comedy. They set the scene just right.. think European, wine, mimes, painters, and pizza? 

A beautiful day outside of a bistro; one very serious painter doing his best to create a one of a kind masterpiece and two tap dancing mimes hard at work entertaining a crowd of people. The mimes notice this artist way to hard at work and WAY TOO SERIOUS for their liking, so they start picking… 

It starts with a tapping war against the painter and the mimes; he taps his brush rhythmically and they match with their feet. Easy enough? But to the mimes surprise the tapping gets a little faster and faster and they do their best to keep up…. No worries, these mimes are pros! 

After showing off their quick footed skills the mimes are ready to liven it up a bit by sneaking bottles of paint to create their own master pieces. A little paint here, a little paint there, no need for brushes the tapping of their toes are plenty enough to move this paint around. 

But wait.. UH-OH… busted… the painter catches the mimes with his paint disrupting his artistic flow! How dare they!?!

Now in the mood for a little sabotage the mimes take a quick break to chow down on some pizza, this gives them an idea… can they distract the artist long enough to swap out his paint brush for a pizza crust? You bet they can… this leads to an upset artist, a sad mime, a little more sabotage, and some pizza crust sword fighting!!

In the end the painter completes his masterpiece and the mimes are very satisfied with his work and how they were able to contribute to the beautiful end result. 

Check out this gallery of beautiful photos by the amazing @GenerationGreta to relive this comedic tragedy. 

Don’t worry if you missed this last AMBUSH!! because there are plenty more to come… so be on the look out!

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