Paint Your Date Night

PAINT YOUR DATE NIGHT was a huge success. Wine was poured , shirts were discarded, paint was laid down and lots of laughs shared between a mix of personalities and newly made friends.

Big thank you to Basin Arts for allowing such wonderful art happenings to breath in Lafayette, La! 

“It was a new avenue for vulnerability that I don’t think many consider, both in the intimacy between the couple and with a group of strangers. People lean toward comfort and convenience, but the concept here (in my opinion) was an attractive risk that I found more comfortable than I assumed. I didn’t get any names of the other participants, but somehow they feel like family.”

So many viewers make a hasty judgement on body painting before really understanding what it is truly about. My experience as a body paint artist has been nothing but uplifting for those involved. It gets others to step outside of their comfort zone they have been locked away in for so long to open up their mind and heart to not only view themselves in a new light, but also how they view others as well. Through the simple act of sharing a small space of intimacy, we were able to get to know others that we would have possibly never gone out of our way to be acquainted with prior. Sharing such experiences together cracks through that tough outer shell we carry around and let’s a little more love in!!!

Know your purpose in life… devote yourself to it… then share it with others and watch the flowers start to bloom!!!!

Big thank you to my canvas Justin Martin and all additional painters of the night for indulging in my passion: Sydni Lea, Jeremy Castille, Giovanna Ranalletta and more!

Many thanks and appreciation
Brittney Pelloquin
Host of Paint Your Date Night at Basin Arts!

If this sounds like something fun you’d like to try, you’re in luck! We have another paint your date night coming up July 19th; 6:30pm

You decide who gets to be Picasso and who gets to be the canvas!

Never painted before?!?! No worries because this class is designed for first-time painters, and our talented and enthusiastic artist will walk you through this original painting every step to help you create your own work of art.

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Limited space available