AMBUSH!! General Mouton Statue

AMBUSH!! General Mouton Statue

Basin Arts AMBUSH! We’ve been flowing out into the streets of Downtown Lafayette all summer long and popping up when you least expect it and in the most surprising ways.

For our third AMBUSH!! we popped up at the General Mouton Statue

Ambush #3 happened on Saturday July 14th during Artwalk on the lawn underneath the General Mouton Statue. The land that the General Mouton statue sits on was property owned by the Mouton family, that was later donated to the city. In 1922, during the Jim Crowe era and the push back against Reconstruction, the statue was erected and paid for by the Daughters of the Confederacy. This group aimed to spread Confederate sentiment throughout the nation during a time when Civil War veterans were dying of old age and the Confederacy was doomed to become, in their eyes, a forgotten ideal. The Mouton statue has since foregone many protests and demonstrations that were aimed at its removal from the City Courthouse’s property. In 1980 it was designated as a permanent historical statue and therefore cannot legally be moved unless the city sells the property, or needs to build roadways through the property. We aim to question the motives of the Daughters of the Confederacy and address the public with concerns of who and to what extent do we memorialize.

Visual Artists:  Myron Saul, Kimberly Culotta, Ben Guidry, and Cory Stewart

Dancers: Tori Vincent and Annie Higginbotham

Check out this gallery of beautiful photos by the amazing @GenerationGreta.

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