Introducing  Greta Gerstner

Introducing Greta Gerstner

Greta Gerstner started off her photography career in college at Nicholls State University where she got her degree in Fine Arts with a focus in Photography. She has been working as a freelance photographer since 2012, focusing primarily on creative photography and collaboration with other artists. Greta also became an event coordinator in 2016 after helping produce non-profit events for four years. Her primary subject matter to photograph is dance and movement.
Who makes up your art circle?
To be honest my art circle is a little sparse right now but my work that I have created recently is all thanks to the Basin Arts Dancers. Especially my latest work I have to thank Paige Barnett, Alex McBride, Whitney Hebert, and Rachel Geiger.
How do you expand your art circle?
I try to work in places where I am exposed daily to creative people. Currently working at Wild Child Wine is a different art circle that I am formally used to being around but it is fun to learn about a different type of creative passions.
What value do you see in having a creative community?
It is always calming to know I have people to bounce wild ideas off of as well as having supportive understanding people because they are also trying to figure it out.
How does your artistic approach contribute to your community?
I am not sure if that artistic approach necessarily contributes anything to my community as a whole, but the other creative people that are involved in my process are important to the overall outcome of my work.