Introducing  Syd Horn

Introducing Syd Horn

Syd Horn is a multidisciplinary artist from Lafayette, Louisiana. She produces independent films, abstract paintings, and original music for Honest Art, a production agency she shares with documentary photographer, Olivia Perillo. Their films have been received internationally. Her creative work draws upon cultural and political analyses, self-investigation, grief, love, and
Who makes up your art circle?
Olivia Perillo is my ride or die collaborator. I work with her every day. We started a production
company in 2019 called Honest Art. Our relationship has grown astronomically throughout our
time working together, revealing the enormous growth potential possible on both personal and
intrapersonal levels—when working intimately with another person for many years. Witnessing
the spirit move through her, the results and success it has brought to her, the critique she
shares and the wisdom she maintains- this gives me hope for my own work and its trajectory.
My admiration for her as both an artist and a friend is immense and unshakable. I feel similarly
about my uncle, Tyler Huntzinger. In 2021, I spent my year painting, gold leafing, and dealing
his paintings. I learned a lot by watching. It changed my process.

Other collaborators who leave their mark on me are accumulating daily. Anyone I’ve ever
collaborated with or any artist I’ve ever worked for has left a lasting impression on me in some
way or another. Artists I am currently working intimately with are Becca Begnaud, Lynda Frese,
Ordinary Elephant, Hannah Sandoz, Brother Dege, and Louis Michot. The year is young. Come at me. Some of my local inspirations are Andrew Vincent, imagineIAM, Lucia Moon, Group Home, Loudhouse, Victoria Paige Barnett, Brooke Cellars, Churchgoinmule, Frank Guidry, Juliane Mahoney, Ash McNamara, Elizabeth McNabb, Lucid Dreams, Hemlock, Joseph Howard, Sebastian Hillis, Gabi Guidry, Kamille Taylor, Erin Broussard, Blaine Peltier, James Van Way, Pat Charles, Andre Broussard, Jacob Todd Broussard, Ben Koch, Alexis Lemoine, Alex Voohries, Thomas Deaton, Olive Oil/Ian/Avery, Jamie Orillion, Logan Leblanc, JP Summers, JD Mahoney, Joseph Perillo, Swirly Swirl, Marie Et La Toilette, Freckle, Thou, the amazing nuns, Chad Viator, Julie Odell, Tif Lamson, Derek Stanford, Kelsey Leger, Sarah Trotter, Stuart Welch, Aussie B, Shelby Gordon, Katie Brannen, JOQ, Connor Broussard, Jack Budd, Kalif Cormier, Nick Breaux, Reyna Hope, J. Alexander Moreno, Roz LeCompte, Amanda Abate, Hannah Gilley, Willow, Pussy Delish, Alex Easterwood, Macie + Lousea, Ryno, Sara Crochet, GORGEOUS JUNEY, Brooke Broussard, Edo, Adam Richard, Maddie Tullos, and so many more honestly- this was like a stream of consciousness that kept growing and stressing me out.
How do you expand your art circle?
I expand my art circle by going places I’ve never been before filled with people I’ve not met yet.
I talk to people I’ve never seen before. I go to spaces filled with people I admire from a
distance. I like to travel.
What value do you see in having a creative community?
The value in creative community means a look into what an independent future can look like.
When your own community is your personal paradise, it seems to me you’ve made it. Being
paid to be yourself, to give what you have to give- a community economy- that’s the economic
value. The spiritual value is to be free. Nothing more valuable than that, really.
How does your artistic approach contribute to your community?
My artistic approach contributes to community because I like putting creatives in the same
room who might not typically work together, but whose skill-sets complement each other in a
novel or nuanced way, no doubt. This is my favorite part of being a producer. You are kind of a
magician alchemizing the masters you know, creating a sort of visual elixir. I prefer a ‘collage’
style of creation. I like diversity. When visions are strong, stylish, and unique, the work grows beyond comprehension. This taught me to let go. That the Spirit is speaking through everyone,
so even if you’re in charge- someone in the room might recognize something crucial that you
haven’t yet. Ask everyone’s opinion. Be open. Deconstruct hierarchal environments. No one
likes them anyway. I’m not sure anyone benefits either. This is multidimensional creation,
whereas other forms are capitalistic. Art connected to other worlds- this is the kind of art I hope to bring forth to our community.