AMBUSH!! Holiday in Spain

On Friday, June 29th, three dancers, one painter, and a singer united to create a great spectacle reminiscent of a Holiday in Spain! Beginning at Pamplona and making their way to the atrium at the Gordon Hotel, audience members followed the performers for this interactive running of the bulls.

The dancers, Gina Aswell, Nicole Curtis and Paige Barnett, began in the alleyway of Pamplona, embodying bulls about to take off on their epic journey. Painter, Jaik Faulk worked feverishly to capture their forms with paint before each bull advanced, breaking through each quick-fire paintings.


The ensemble meets vocalist, Eliza Gothreaux, as she leads the group into Pamplona with mesmerizing operatic flair, enchanting restaurant diners and street side observers alike! The procession follows Eliza out of Pamplona and down Jefferson St. into the atrium of the Gordon Hotel. The painter and artists carry with them fragments of their ruined paintings and a few handmade roses. The ceremonial feel is tangible as observers witness each performer process into the atrium and perform a beautiful ritual including song, dance, roses, paint and water.

The dancers coat their hands and feet in red paint; analogous to the blood that would have been shed during the Running with the Bulls; symbolizing the heavy “low” that always follows an extreme “high”. Dancing their way to the fountain they washed themselves, washing away any remnants of “blood”, a cleansing…a rebirth.

Check out this gallery of beautiful photos by the amazing @GenerationGreta to relive AMBUSH #2.

Don’t worry if you missed this AMBUSH!! because there are plenty more to come… so be on the look out!